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Non-Disclosure Agreements

Non-disclosure agreements (“NDAs”) are often used before discussing confidential technical or business information with third parties. For example, NDAs used for intellectual property typically identify the information, materials, or prototype that are regarded as confidential; the party or entity making the disclosure; the party or entity to whom the disclosure is to be made; limitations on the use; and penalties for any violation. As with any contract, the agreement can be modified to include additional obligations, such as destruction or return of all materials within a set time, notice as to any disclosures to others, and so on.

NDAs are used when seeking to sell, license, or evaluate a patent application or other confidential intellectual property or business information. NDAs are also used to exert control over beta testers or other persons that are involved in experimental testing or construction of a product or process. Intellectual property laws change, and the law can affect the content of particular contracts such as an NDA. Altera Law Group’s intellectual property attorneys can evaluate (and revise as necessary) any NDA that you are using or have been asked to sign.